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GEM is a tool necessary for launching the different mods once they are all installed.

A standard Grand Prix Legends install has a gpl.exe but the 65 Mod copies and renames that to gplc67.exe and creates a new gplc65.exe. The Night Mod uses gpln65.exe and gpln67.exe but instead of you ahving to launch each one of those directly, you run GEM, select the Mod you wish to run and it will launch the correct .exe for you, and also load the car set and .ini files for the Mod.

You can also use GEM to adjust almost everything before you start Grand Prix Legends such as sounds, layouts, graphics and track lists etc. GEM also has a launcher for iGOR.

Like i said, the force behind Grand Prix Legends nowadays is the community behind it, and a great resource for all things GPL is which has tons of links to all aspects of the Grand Prix Legends communityas well as links to sites about historic real world racing circuits, many of them no longer used.

The online racing community i joined is UKGPL and you can find them, and me, at

Once you get proficient enough at the game and you want to compare your progress with others, including me, you can go and get yourself a GPL RANK using the site at

Here you need to upload your player.ini file or your plac65.ini file for the 65 Mod and the site will chart your progress, give you a final rank and allow you to compare your progress with other drivers and their ranks. You can do it on a circuit by circuit basis or as a whole. It will be disheartening believe me.

If you want to see what all the fuss is about before you go out and buy the game visit and search for either Grand Prix Legends or the user gxtracker and you will find tons of videos there.

If that whets your appetite you can buy the game from for £33.99 or Amazon for £4. Hmmm. At the very least pick up the demo version which you can find online for free, but for how cheaply it is available for you should really pick up the full game, and once you do you'll take your first step into the community that surrounds Grand Prix Legends.

I had a spare PC sat here doing nothing so I turned it into a GPL Online Race Server for people to practise on in between races initially and actually now I use it to host UKGPL races. There is nothing like having other human cars around you, even during practise to help you prepare for racing. Its fine being able to drive around a circuit, always on the racing line, within a second of you Personal Best each time, but throw more cars, especially human ones, into the mix and people can easily go to the dogs.

This is where you begin to find out if two cars can get through a corner side by side and its no good finding that out for the first in a race. Thats what practise is for, and especially online practise. My efforts here have been much appreciated and I've been given an official UKGPL server number (5.UKGPL). I know, next stop O.B.E. or Victoria Cross, but seriously this is a great community to be a part of and it makes for great racing.

The 67s race every other sunday and the 65s every other Tuesday but there is somebody on the practise server most evenings, or mornings, depending on where you are in the world. So do yourself a favour, pick up the game and I'll see you on track and online.

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