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During the summer of 1947, America was gripped by U.F.O. fever. The craze was started on June 24th by Kenneth Arnold who was flying over Washington State's Cascade mountains searching for a crashed military plane, hoping to locate it and pick up the $5,000 reward offered to anyone who could do so. During his flight he spotted up to nine Unidentified Flying Objects in the skies with him. He spoke later of the tremendous speeds at which the objects were travelling, and he was the first person to describe U.F.O.s as "Flying Saucers" when he said that they "flew the same way as a saucer would if you were to skim it across the water."

The experiences related by Arnold set the ball in motion, and reports were coming in thick and fast, and from far and wide. Not one of these many reported sightings however were as incredible or as fascinating as the chain of events which were to unfold on July 2nd at Roswell, New Mexico.

During a severe thunderstorm that night "something" crashed into the desert. This is not under dispute. What is under dispute is just what it was that had crashed.

A ranch hand called William "Mac" Brazel heard a loud crash during the night, and on checking the fields and perimeters fences for storm damage the next morning he saw debris scattered over an area ¾ of a mile long and several hundred yards wide. Mac took some of this debris and showed it to his neighbours, but as he had no telephone it was three days later on his next visit to town when he reported the matter to the Chaves County Sherriff, George Wilcox, who in turn informed the nearby Roswell army airfield (renamed Walker Air Force Base after World War Two). The town and the base are about 75 miles from the debris site, and the matter was looked into on July 7th by the base Intelligence Officer Major Jesse Marcel and Counter Intelligence Agent Sheridan Cavitt. It was Marcel who took some of the debris back to his house overnight and then to the base the next morning. During July 8th troops were deployed to the site of the debris both to guard it and to clear away the public who had amassed there, many of whom were playing with the various pieces. Troops were also sent to another site which had been located some 40 miles away and which contained the wreckage of a "saucer". It was believed that the site Brazel had found was possibly the scene of an explosion or a collision, and that the second location was where the craft had come to rest, again the public were present here as well as local firemen. Later that day a press release came from Roswell Army Airfield which was authorised by the base commander Colonel William Blanchard - later a Four Star General - and was given to Lieutenant Walter Haut, the Public Information Officer, to give to the press. The press release said that the military had been "fortunate enough to gain possession" of a "Flying Disk."

Word soon spread over the news wires and in no time at all Roswell became the centre of the world's media attention. All the phone lines out of town were jammed in the rush to get the story and newspapers from all over the west of America carried it on their front pages.

Some of the debris was placed under guard at Roswell while Marcel was escorted by military police as he boarded a B29 bomber with other samples and set out for Fort Worth, Texas (now known as Carswell Air Force Base). Fort Worth was home to the 509 Squadron, an elite force of bombers and the world's only combat trained atomic bomb group at that time. It was also the home of the Enola Gay as well as being the Army's centre for Technological research and was the place that captured German and Soviet military hardware were dismantled, studied and sometimes reverse engineered. It is believed that a small amount of debris was also sent to Washington to be seen by President Truman.

It was at Fort Worth that General Roger M. Ramey awaited Marcel's arrival, and immediately took command of the situation. The suspense was almost unbearable as the world awaited the press conference to be held there. There was however to be a huge disappointment as Major Marcel, Lieutenant General Ramey and Colonel Thomas Debuse were photographed examining the wreckage of a weather balloon having said that it was this which had crashed into the desert at Roswell.

The next day, July 9th, the press carried the story that the earlier reports had been mistaken and that what Brazel had found was really a downed weather balloon. The debris by now was continuing it's journey to Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, again under military police escort.

Amid "Flying Saucer" fever, and all the other sightings around America at the time, the story should and would have died down and eventually become old news but for the deceit and covering up now in evidence, and after the press conference those who had been present at the second site knew that what they had seen was not a weather balloon, among them were local fireman Dan Dwyer and Sherriff Wilcox .

The saucer lay in the desert and many civilian witnesses as well as all those present in their official capacity saw the bodies of several "small humanoids with unearthly features", approximately 4 ft (1.2m) tall. Three were still inside the craft, one was half in and half out and another was completely thrown clear. Yet another was still alive and walking around the crash site looking sad. Dwyer described the beings to his family as "not from this world, little people, not human. Two dead, and one walking around." Another witness described them as looking like a fourteen year old child but with a head too big for their body, and a slightly pink skin with a grey hue.

The craft itself is described by forensic sketch artist Bill McDonald who was called in by the military to reproduce both the craft and its occupants using similar methods to those employed by the police when they construct pictorial profiles of suspects. In order to do this he had to work with the witnesses directly. He says that the craft was not in actual fact a saucer as such but was more like a stingray about 25 feet wide and 28 feet long. The bottom of it from wing tip to wing tip and head to toe was not a smooth surface but was like a honeycomb with hexagonal sections that glowed when "powered up". He compares the shape of the craft to the Stealth Bomber and Project Aurora, and it is likely that if this strange craft was to be reverse engineered anywhere, it would have been done at Wright Patterson.

Back at the crash site the bodies were beginning to rot, especially those outside, so they were put into body bags and removed to the base hospital. There they were placed in sealed wooden crates and stored in the middle of hangar number 84 under close guard until they could be shipped out the next day, also possibly to Wright Patterson. There are also witnesses who saw the bodies inside the hangar, one was a politician seeking re-election and his driver who had come to collect him, the driver says that he saw through the hangar door that one of the creatures was still alive.

Local funeral director, of The Ballard Funeral Home, Glen Dennis received a phone call from the base from a man who identified himself as a military officer, and Dennis was asked questions about bodily fluids, preserving dead bodies and other medical matters. He was also asked if he had in stock any caskets from 3 feet 6 inches to 4 feet in length which could be hermatically sealed (airtight and waterproof). He explained that he had two in stock as always and he was asked how soon he would be able to get any more. Unable to do so at such short notice, he decided to drive over to the base to see if he could be of any assistance there.

On his arrival he saw an old female friend of his who was employed at the base. She told him to "Get out of here. You'll be in a lot of trouble." and this was despite Dennis having the contract for ambulancing sick airmen to and from the base. He was escorted roughly away after glimpsing the bodies through a door that was left slightly ajar. The next day, this time in town, Dennis again met the lady friend who told him that she had transcribed the autopsies, and she told him of a toxic smell which had made all those present feel ill.

Some of the original debris which Brazel had found earlier was seen not only by his neighbours but also by Major Marcel and his family when he had taken some home, his son Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr. still remembers that time today, 50 years later. Marcel Jr. is a former flight surgeon in the Air Force and he is now a physician in Montana, he is also one of the most important surviving witnesses in the case. He remembers the day that his father came home very excited with some of the debris and showed both himself and his mother in their kitchen. His father would often bring home old balloons for him to play with so he knew what they looked like, and this one was certainly not a balloon. Some of it seemed to be beams of some sort which were made out of metal, but some people say that they were in fact wooden struts from a balloon, but as a boy Marcel had made many balsa wood models so he knew the difference.

They were all amazed at how light it was, yet it wouldn't burn or break, and some of the material was very like tin foil but if it was bent or crumpled, it would return to it's former shape. It was "like nothing" they'd "ever seen before." When they held it in their hand they couldn't feel it and when they dropped it on the table it would spread out, rather like mercury. The strangest piece of all that Marcel remembers is what he refers to as an “’I beam“’, like a short girder, 12 to 18 inches long. What made this piece stand out from the rest was that it had purple or violet letters on it but he didn't notice them until he held the piece up to the light as they were only faint. After they had looked at the debris his father put it back into the car and they retired for the evening.

Marcel Jr. didn't see his father the next day as he was at Fort Worth, but when he did see him again he no longer looked excited, and he got the family together and told them that they must never talk to anybody about what they had seen. This was obviously after the press conference that had been held, although Marcel did admit in private that the debris found by Brazel and that shown at Fort Worth were not one and the same.

It was nearly forty years before he would again ask his father about the I beams that they had seen that July day, and his father replied that they had indeed had purple figures on them, he also asked him if there was any chance that there could be some more lying in the desert, to which he replied " No, they went out there and they vacuumed the place up. " Marcel junior says that he will never forget what he saw, and that it opened his eyes about the universe and what's out there.

To add yet more fuel to the fire of conspiracy were threats from the military to various people, such as the radio station K.S.W.S. which had first broadcast the story of an alien craft which had been authorised by Blanchard. The boss of the station, George "Jud" Roberts was told, (allegedly by the pentagon) that there would be "a lot of trouble" if any further "Saucer" stories were broadcast, and he was also warned that the station could, and would, be taken off the air "permanently, the next day." Other witnesses threatened were the daughter and wife of Dan Dwyer. The daughter, Frankie Rowe, was interviewed by a military officer who asked her if she had seen any of the debris herself to which she replied she had. He told her that she hadn’t and again she said that she had and they began to argue. He took out his baton from his belt and started to slap it into the palm of his hand while saying that she didn't see or hear anything, and he told her that there are things "they" can do. He told her that he could take her out into the desert and that it was a large desert, and nobody would ever find their bodies, and he said that the only way they would ever be left alone is if she agreed to never speak about the matter again, and she did eventually agree.

Mac Brazel, the original witness was now being "escorted" everywhere he went for days after the incident until eventually, much to the surprise of everyone he changed his version of events and supported the weather balloon story. Less than a year later, Brazel, a lowly ranch hand, had moved out of town and opened his own food storage facility. His fellow witnesses believed that his silence had been bought, enabling him to finance his new business venture. Brazel's son Bill, now a surgeon claims, that his father Mac was sworn to secrecy and would never tell.

The story passed down over the years through the Wilcox family, first from Sherriff Wilcox to his wife and then from her to her grand daughter, is that Wilcox was told by the military police that if he ever spoke out about what he had seen on that July day, then both he and his family would be killed but despite all this and the testimony of over one hundred witnesses, the government's story held water for almost thirty years.

It is important to note though that in 1947 the Vietnam war was yet to happen, Watergate wasn't even a Hotel and the Iran Contra affair was 40 years in the future, so at this period in history if your government told you that it was a weather balloon that had crashed into the desert, then a weather balloon it was, the notion of your own government lying to you was not even entertained, it was only in the years to come that people became more sceptical and were far more liable to ask questions.

In the late 1970s, Jesse Marcel came forward and told the world what he had really seen decades earlier. This was in a recorded interview with the nuclear physicist and U.F.O. researcher Stanton Friedman who is widely accepted as the man who "broke" the story after a TV station manager told him of Jesse Marcel who was then residing in Homer, Louisiana. The manager and Marcel were Ham Radio "buddies", and the ensuing video taped interview turned out to be everything that Friedman had wished it to be, as Marcel talked about how the debris had been switched and that what he had found was not a weather balloon. He also spoke in depth about one particular piece, he said that it was metal, no thicker than the foil found in a pack of cigarettes, yet he couldn't burn it, bend it or even dent it with a 16 pound sledgehammer.

Not long after this "confession" in 1981, the highest ranking officer ever to comment publicly on the affair, by now General Thomas Debuse, (originally photographed with Ramey and the weather balloon at Fort Worth) finally admitted in a home video that the balloon story was a cover up which Ramey had been ordered to set up.

Frank Kaufman, Master Sergeant at the airfield at the time of the incident was in 1947 on " lassified duties", the nature of which he can't divulge. He tells of seeing erratic movement on the radar screen which was followed by a flash and then nothing. He went to the sight to see what the "blips" were and he describes a scene of rough terrain with no roads where he saw a glow like a halo from 200 yards away. What he saw was "neither a plane or a missile, but a strange craft 20 - 25 feet long." He also describes the bottom of the craft in the same way as other witnesses, with hexagonal sections all across the bottom of it, and he says that he saw the beings as well, one half inside and half outside the craft and another thrown clear, he also adds that there were "three more dead inside." and he insists that the cover up went right to the top, "Right to President Truman."

The fact that Truman was involved and aware of what was happening at the time in New Mexico is supported by two documents which surfaced in 1984. On the morning of December 11th of that year, Los Angeles TV producer Jaime Shandera opened his mail to discover that he had been sent two official documents from an anonymous source, which if genuine would shake the very foundations of the American government and ensure that the general public would never believe another word they ever said. The package Shandera received contained photocopies of documents dated September 24th 1947, just twelve weeks after the crash in the desert, and November 18th 1952 and both were signed by Harry S. Truman and Dwight D. Eisenhower respectively.

The first document was a classified executive order from Truman to the Secretary of Defence James Forrestal and it authorised him to, after consulting nuclear scientist Dr. Vannevar Bush, establish a board of qualified personnel to be known as the "Majestic 12", "Majic 12" or simply "MJ 12." This group of experts were to be answerable only to the president and their job was to investigate the case of the "Flying Saucer" which crashed into the desert at Roswell in that same year. Among those rumoured to be on the Majestic 12 committee, the last surviving one was Dr. Jerome Hunsaker who died on September 10th, 1984, ironically just 3 months before the documents were received by Shandera. Was this just a mere coincidence ? or had somebody been watching and waiting for him to die before sending the two documents when nobody could either verify them, discredit them or be available for questioning. Even if this was the case then surely the members of the committee who did pass away would be replaced at the earliest convenience. Though many people doubt the authenticity of the two documents, many of these same people believe that the Majestic 12 committee did exist, and for the very same purpose of investigating the events at Roswell and possibly other alleged alien crash sites.

The alleged recipient of the order from President Truman, James Forrestal, was known to be "very concerned" about the events at Roswell and their implications, and allegedly the other members of the committee became duly "concerned" about him as he made it common knowledge that he felt the public had a right to know about such matters and he insisted on seeing any "crashed saucers" himself. Did they however become concerned enough about him to kill him or have him killed?

During a stay at Bethesda Naval Hospital, Washington D.C. to recover from over exhaustion and stress, James Forrestal was found dead, the cause was apparently suicide. He left no suicide note or any other letter, but what he did leave was a set of diaries he had recently been working on. That he was writing them was apparently common knowledge, and they contained descriptions of everything he had seen, heard and learned during his time on the Majestic 12 Committee. Those same diaries are now in the possession of the authorities and kept under the heading "Classified."

The second document received by Shandera supported the first and was a briefing for the newly elected president Eisenhower, and it provided information on both the members and the progress of the Majestic 12 committee. Jaime Shandera didn't make the receipt of these documents public until three years after he had received them, he claimed to have contacted a high ranking military official who had confirmed that the documents were indeed genuine. This "highly placed" official however turned out to be a lowly Sergeant who in the past had been convicted of falsifying official documents. Tests were carried out on the letters and it turned out that the letter dated 1947 had been printed on a machine manufactured by Smith-Corona which had not gone into production until 1963. What's more, the signature on the bottom of the document was believed to have been photocopied from a letter from Truman to Vannevar Bush which had been written, ironically, in 1947. If the first document was a fake then it follows that the second document must also have been a fake as it referred to the earlier "faked" Truman letter.

Now the government decided to stick to it's story of a military experiment in the desert. In New Mexico around this time tests were indeed under way in the desert at White Sands Proving Ground using V2 rockets for research into missile technology. The V2 rocket was invented by the Germans who came to White Sands to test them for missile use and for research into the space program. It's known that animals were used in some of these rocket tests, but it is doubtful that they were carried out as early as 1947, or that the rockets could have flown all the way to Roswell from White Sands, and Marcel felt that had a rocket been the cause of the debris in the desert then somebody would have been looking for it, and in the bleak terrain in which it lay it would not have been missed from the air. The reason nobody was looking for it is because at that stage nobody knew it was there so it wasn't one of theirs. When one of the V2 rockets had gone astray and landed in Mexico it had been found relatively quickly, and more importantly it had not been kept quiet but was made public, as were other such tests at the time even on new aeroplanes.

The next development in the story, which was by this time nearly fifty years old, came in September 1994. The American Cable Network was about to show a dramatization of "The Roswell Incident" which brought about perhaps the most dramatic and at the same time inexplicable u-turn by the U.S. Government. They finally admitted that the debris shown at Fort Worth had been switched as Marcel had said all along, and what had actually crashed in the desert was not in fact a weather balloon. What they now said it was, was a test flight for "Project Mogul". The debris in the desert was the remains of Mogul test flight No. 4.

Project Mogul was a high altitude, constant level balloon that was designed to detect Russian missile movements and explosions by radiation. As an ironic twist, the Mogul balloons were classified top secret in 1947 and also bore hieroglyphic markings as described by original witnesses of the debris. By 1994 the official logs recording test flights for Project Mogul were no longer classified. However no entry is made for flight No. 4. The reason for this according to the government was that there are no entries are made for unsuccessful flights, yet several other "unsuccessful" flights are entered in the log.

Just a year later came two more twists in the tale. New Mexico congressman Steve Schiff who had been trying in vain for years to find the truth became fed up with the lack of help from the Defence Department so he decided to launch an enquiry through the government watchdog agency the General Accounting Office, (G.A.O.). When the G.A.O. report was completed it stated that all the outgoing messages from Roswell airfield for the time in question had been destroyed without authorization. The destruction of documents must itself be documented, giving details of both who is doing the destroying and for what reason. No record of either could be found. Besides this the original records were permanent documents never to be destroyed and would have shown how military officials at the base were explaining to their superiors elsewhere just what was going on at the time both on and around the base. Schiff has also yet to gain an answer to his question why was a mere weather balloon escorted by armed guards and military police, and he continues to this day in his attempts to discover the truth and to have that truth made public.

Stanton Friedman also continues that same quest and comes up against similar oppositions at every turn. He applied under the freedom of information act to have released an 18 page document which was a report on U.F.O. data. He expected to see a little if not a lot of censorship on the document he received, but what he got was in fact 75% blackened out, but despite some dramatic developments in the past, the best was yet to come, or was it?

Ray Santilli owns a small music and video distribution company in London, England, and he was looking for and obtaining 1950s Rock n Roll footage when an elderly American gentleman he was dealing with told him that he had something else to show him. It was from a retired American cameraman who claimed to have been working for the government in 1947, and who claimed he had shot a film under their instruction, both at the scene of the Roswell crash where he saw the recovery of both living and dead alien bodies, and later at one of the autopsies at Fort Worth. At the crash site itself there were three live beings who were crying and clutching a small box to their chests.

Santilli claims to know the identity of the cameraman and to have been shown around his home where he saw all of his military memorabilia including photographs and enrolment and discharge papers, but he refuses to disclose his identity. The cameraman claimed to have filmed many secret projects around the late 40s and early 50s for the military and that he had high level clearance to do so. Santilli says that the cameraman wishes to remain anonymous as he does not want the attention that recognition would bring as he is now over 80 years old and in his declining years, and also because of tax reasons as he has received money in return for the film. After Santilli had obtained the film he returned to London with it and then contacted BUFORA (British U.F.O. Research Association), and he maintains that he has only brought it into the public domain and not created it. He says that if it is a fake it is down to the cameraman and not down to him.

The quality of the film is poor, but were it genuine it would have been shot using a hand held camera with no focus facility and the cameraman would have been fully "suited up" making his movements clumsy. He would also have been further hampered by his visor steaming up and the fact that he would have had to keep moving around in order to aim the camera, so it is not surprising that the film is of poor quality and seems amateurish. Although Santilli will not reveal the identity of the cameraman, he did provide samples of the film for dating analysis, but reports that the film was a fake continued to dampen the blow of this earth shattering evidence. A curly telephone cord seen in the background was originally thought not to have been invented as early as 1947, but this however turned out not to be the case as the phone was a Bell Standard Model from 1937. A General Electric clock on the wall is also from the same era, and incidentally the time span of the autopsy using the clock is around two hours, concurrent with a genuine autopsy. The film stock itself was dated and found to be from three possible eras, 1927, 1947 or 1967, so this also possibly tallied with correct era, but does the filming method also tally? In the opinion of Paoli Cherchi Usai, Senior Curator of Motion Pictures at Eastman House, Rochester, New York it does, and in his opinion it was shot in the late 1940s or early 1950s and he adds that it would not be possible to create such a fake.

Allen Daviau was the Director of Photography on such films as E.T., Bugsy, Empire of the Sun and Congo and he believes that the Santilli film regularly goes out of focus to mask certain details which would identify it as a fake, but Dr. Roderick Ryan who also claims to have been a cameraman during the 40s and 50s on similar duties to the man who shot this film, says that the cameras they used were Filmo cameras made by Bell and Howell which didn't have a system to maintain focus. Daviau replies that the cameraman seems to have a knack for missing the best shots and cites one instance where the alien’s skull is being cut into, and the cameraman is purposely positioned in such a way that nothing can be seen closely, and he keeps moving all the time.

Ryan responds that the cameraman has to keep moving to keep out of the way of the surgeons as he is there merely to record an important event rather than to provide a close up detailed account of it, in his own words the cameraman is not there to "do pretty pictures." So, film and cameraman aside, in the opinion of the experts is this a real alien body or is it the body of a human made to look like an alien, or could it be a human who has suffered the effects of radiation in a secret experiment? To find out we turn to the world's leading pathologists.

Dr. Chris Milroy is a senior lecturer in forensic pathology at the University of Sheffield, England, and his ability to determine cause of death has made him a much sought after witness in murder cases the world over.

Dr. Cyril Wecht is a past President of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences who has performed or supervised nearly 40,000 autopsies, and he says that he has never done one on a body resembling that in the film.

The body in the film fits the classic mould of an extra terrestrial in that it is smaller than a human though still of a humanoid form, it is slim and with small facial features apart from the eyes which are very large in comparison to the head and are covered in a black membrane. The ears are set very low on the side of the head and there are no obvious genitalia or breasts. Wecht says that this gender defect is similar to a chromosomal one found in just 1 in every 5,000 human births where there is a lack of feminine chromosomes and so there is no sexual development, but sufferers of this disorder very rarely survive into adulthood, and in fact 99% abort before birth. The body's hands and feet have six digits on them and this also is a chromosomal and ginetic defect which is found quite commonly in animals bred too closely together and is known as polydactily. Would it be feasible that a human suffering from all of these defects could survive into adulthood? Milroy says that it is very unlikely and it would be extremely rare, yet he wouldn't be surprised to see it.

A journalist, one of several who got a sneak preview of the film, reported that the surgeons appeared to be cutting into the body and removing organs, then placing them in buckets without having any real close look at them. This is hardly the behaviour of medical experts performing an autopsy on an alien being for the first time, and Milroy feels that if this were an autopsy on an alien being it would last for far longer than the two hours which elapse on the wall clock in the background. This and other small details contribute to make the film seem not so earth shattering after all.

Wecht has trained many many people to perform such operations and he feels that the men working in the film are either pathologists or surgeons, and he adds that the equipment they use and the way they use it is concurrent with the time period of 1947. Looking at the internal organs of the body Wecht cannot see a liver when the body cavity is opened, and when the brain is revealed it's surface is not highly convoluted like a human brain but is smooth, and Milroy says that the brain is definitely not human. Wecht is certain that the body is not human, merely humanoid, and he adds that if anybody has faked the film then they should be working in Hollywood, and that is where we now turn to, to find the leading film makers in the world to see if such a body, while it is not human, could be the work of hoaxers, and one of the leading special effects teams in the world is that of Stan Winston the Academy Award Winning creature designer of the alien in the Alien films and the dinosaurs in the film Jurassic Park.

Winston's first thought was that the body was not real but was a prop, but he adds that it is extremely difficult to simulate the cutting and bleeding aspect of such an operation, and if it is a fake then he would be very proud indeed to have created it

Both he and his team analysed the film to see whether or not they could do a similar job in a studio. One of the things that they were most impressed with was how uniformly the blood seemed to flow out of the cuts and drip down the body, whereas in a film it would tend to spurt unevenly out of hidden pipes and this is one thing that they have never been able to recreate very accurately.

When the scalp was cut into and peeled back from the skull this was again the case with the surface of skull being very uneven and not at all smooth yet it appeared to be uniformly wet and with no sign of any pipes. The specially made skin that is used in films today is a silicone mixture and was not freely available in 1947, and those who use it today only use it for making blockbuster movies.

The Autopsy film was given general airing in August 1995, and again failed to convince people of it's authenticity and many said that they now believed it to be a fake. When Kaufman was shown it he said that he didn't remember the beings having six fingers, but he also said that the hieroglyphics on the debris also shown are the same as those he saw in 1947, whereas Jesse Marcel Jr. feels that the I beams shown seem smaller than those he saw in 1947, and though the letters themselves look the same he says that the ones he saw in 1947 were not raised above the metal's surface. Another pathologist shown the film said that in his opinion, he is 98% sure that the film is a fake, but the other 2%, he isn't sure. He adds that the body shown isn't that of a human being.

Frank Kaufman's last word on the matter is that he is "1000% firm" (sic) that what he saw in the desert in 1947 was an alien craft and alien beings. He adds, "As Ripley would say, believe it or not."

Ray Santilli maintains that the film is indeed genuine. He adds, that if he were to produce a hoax on such a matter as important as this then he would be able to produce a far better, and much more convincing one than this, and he's certainly in the right profession to be able to do so.

A source close to the pentagon says that reports have, or soon will come to light which will explain everything, but if he is referring to the Mogul explanation give in 1995, then again this failed to satisfy the world's curiosity. Perhaps the best evidence we have or ever could have, would be film footage, however, the Santilli film, due to it's bad publicity and poor quality, has served not to convince us of the alien crash site story, but to make us doubt it all the more. One thing is for sure however, we know that something crashed in the desert at Roswell on July 2nd 1947, but we still, almost half a century later cannot say for sure what it was, and perhaps we never will know for sure, because as the years go by, memories fade and death takes away, one by one, all of the first hand witnesses, until there comes a time when all we will have left will be investigators trying to dig up the past .

One such investigator is Kevin Randle who went to Roswell to follow the story, expecting to be there for a couple of days before finding out that there was nothing much in it, and indeed it looked that way for a couple of days until he managed to locate Bill Brazel, and it was then that he first realised the sheer scale of the story he was working on. During the course of his extensive research he has carried out 2,500 to 3,000 interviews with over 500 witnesses.

Don Schmitt is an investigating author who co-wrote "The U.F.O. Crash At Roswell" with Kevin Randle, and he has over 500 sworn affidavits or video depositions from people who say that what was recovered from both sites was not manufactured on this earth, and he himself is convinced that what crashed was a craft from space.

Both men have flown over the sites where the debris was found, and describe them as being open pasture land with good visibility for miles around, and if what had crashed was a secret military project then they could not have failed to notice it from the air and would have found it in no time.

We must consider each bit of evidence in turn, and after raging on for half a century, this story has come to be treated as the definitive U.F.O. story, and has everything for both believers and sceptics alike. There is no doubt that something crashed in the desert, or that Mac Brazel heard the impact, then the next day discovered the wreckage on his land. Surely a ranch hand would know at least a little about metals and their properties, yet not only he, but also one of the town's firemen, Dan Dwyer, were baffled by the discovery, being unable to distinguish exactly what it was they were looking at having never seen anything like it before.

The details up to this point are clear, and the chain of events only becomes clouded once the military become involved. As they admitted in 1995 the debris was switched, so therefore what crashed in the desert was not a weather balloon as they had first said. Whether it was an alien craft of some sort or an unsuccessful Mogul test flight, the government were lying. What was it that was so important and secretive that they felt they had to lie to the public and keep the truth from them. If they were prepared to admit to Project Mogul's existence in 1995, why were they not prepared to do so in 1947 as it was no secret even then that America and Russia were extremely "concerned" with one another's technological advancements, especially military ones.

If it was Mogul test flight No. 4, successful or not, then why wasn't it logged as all the other test flights were? Or was this just a convenient cover story to coincide with the release of the TV drama series Roswell?

It is a known fact that animals were used in some of the V2 rocket tests, but if one of the rockets could have flown as far as Roswell, could animals, even those found in a crashed rocket have been mistaken for alien beings "not of this world"?

Then there is the testimony of several military men. Kaufman is sure that he saw an alien craft and alien beings. Marcel admits that the debris was switched under military orders so that what we saw at the press conference held at Fort Worth was not the real debris which Brazel had found. Debuse also admits that the balloon story was a cover up, further damaging the military's credibility and making whatever they have to say on the matter, past or present very hard to believe. Also what can we make of Brazel's "fortunate" change of circumstances? The original witness, first on the scene, and yet later he will say nothing of what occurred there, or why he had changed his opinion of what he had found on his land the day after the storm. We also have the testimony of Glen Dennis, another professional man who became unwittingly involved in something extremely sensitive. Sensitive enough for him to have been roughly escorted off the base where he was both known and had worked on many occasions. Why also did Dennis receive an order for three child sized coffins?

Over one hundred civilian witnesses, the Sherriff, a fireman and police officers said that they had seen an alien craft, and Director of investigations, Don Schmitt, says he has over 500 sworn affidavits and video depositions from witnesses who say that it wasn't a balloon. One of these is Robert Shirkey who at the time was an army pilot stationed at Roswell, he had seen in the course of his duty many balloons of various descriptions, and he saw this particular "balloon" being loaded onto the plane and he says that it "was not the same material. It was not a weather balloon." It was only the military which said otherwise until later when Marcel, Debuse and Kaufman admitted the truth. The only non-military witness to say that it wasn't an alien craft was Mac Brazel, and even he had said at first that this was the case, and he only changed his mind after his “’official escorts“’. We also have the threats made to people like George "Jud" Roberts at Roswell's radio station, and Sherriff Wilcox. What could be so important to have an officer of the law threatened with death.

Why were supposedly "permanent" records at the base destroyed? The one piece of evidence which could have given us details of what was happening, and how it was being dealt with at the time is now gone for good. Why was the destruction of these vital records itself not recorded, flouting military procedure with a blatant disregard?

Then we have to consider what is perhaps the most dramatic piece of evidence of all, the film footage uncovered by Santilli. There is no mention of anyone filming the crash site at the time, or the autopsy when it was glimpsed through the doorway by Glen Dennis. The film itself fails to convey the feeling of incredulity, awe and wonder which surely would have been felt by everyone concerned when carrying out autopsies on alien beings for the first time. If it was indeed shot in 1947, then why did it only surface in 1995? Surely the cameraman or Ray Santilli would have had access to it much earlier than this.

Over all, the evidence suggests that there was a crash during a thunder storm. Brazel found the wreckage, reported it to Sherriff Wilcox who told the army at Roswell. As soon as the army become involved there is confusion as to the real facts, but no doubt that they didn't want the world to know what they had in their possession, and they covered their tracks by destroying the outgoing messages from Roswell base. For this reason alone we should be concerned about why information is concealed from us, and why the government should take such trouble to cloud "our perception of a phenomenon which they have always denied exists."

Mac Brazel's "fortunate" change of circumstance seems very suspicious and we surely cannot accept it at face value, but we must also be inclined to believe the testimony of Marcel, Kaufman and Debuse, all of whom were closely involved with the case as it was unfolding.

On balance it is quite convincing that something "not of this world" crashed in the desert at Roswell that night in July. Despite travelling all the way from wherever it came, it was foiled by an electrical storm. We know from other U.F.O. stories and witnesses that in the presence of U.F.O.s there is interference with engines, TV, radio and other electrical equipment so they must interfere with one another somehow. So could the craft then have suffered some sort of serious malfunction caused by the atmosphere of an electrical thunder storm?

If we accept then that a craft was found, then we must surely believe that not only the craft was found, but also the bodies of the occupants because of the phone call to, and the questioning of Glen Dennis. Whether or not one of the beings was still alive is in all probability a moot point, but certainly it could be possible. Faked evidence and hoaxes tend to do great damage to cases like this, but whether or not the Santilli film is a fake, and opinions are certainly divided on it, it does not do enough in this particular case for us to doubt what supposedly occurred fifty years before the film came to light. The film could even be another one of the Governments elaborate plots to discredit the rumours and once again try to kill off "The Roswell Incident", this time hopefully for good, by once again shrouding it in mystery and giving people more reason to doubt that anything extra terrestrial occurred there.

The latest word from the authorities on the subject came in 1997 around the fiftieth anniversary of the original incident. On the night of March 13th of that year many witnesses saw strange lights flying in the night sky over the south western states of America, and this sparked a response from the powers that be. This time they said that the bodies found at Roswell in 1947 were not alien beings, they were merely dummies which were used in parachute tests, and that people must have got their dates mixed up because these parachute tests were not carried out as early as 1947. We must be getting closer to a conclusion to the matter as now they are prepared to admit for the first time that bodies were present at the scene and not just wreckage of whatever kind. The question still remains though, can we believe anything they tell us now or ever again?"

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