Michael James (self appointed)


Michael James Christopher Chisnall
Michael Southern Paul Molyneux
David Townshend Peter O'Neill
Duncan Lewtas Bill Cookson
Steven Moville  


  1. This is the joint agreement of the Members of the UK National Lottery Syndicate.
  2. The syndicate is an agreement of the members separate to the business of their employment.
  3. This group agreement was drawn up on the 26th June 2001. The syndicate manager will keep the original document as the Inland Revenue Service may require seeing it as evidence of our group agreement.
  4. The Syndicate Manager Michael James is responsible for running the syndicate, purchasing and holding the tickets, and the collection and division of the winnings.
  5. Under current National Lottery Game rules, a prize wining ticket is payable to one person only and so the Syndicate Manager will write her name and address on the back of the tickets in accordance with the National Lottery's advice.
  6. A photocopy of the tickets can be provided on request to each group member.
  7. The current Members of the Syndicate are as listed above. Other members are eligible to join the Syndicate if agreed with all prior members.
  8. The manager, who is also a member of the syndicate, will collect 4.00 (Four Pounds) on every fourth week from each Syndicate member. Each members choice of 6 (six) numbers or a lucky dip will be noted and tickets will be purchased for the following four weeks Saturday draws only.
  9. Should all members of the Syndicate wish to enter into a Wednesday draw in the event of a rollover, they must make their wishes known to the Syndicate Manager. Any additional moneys must be paid beforehand in order for the Syndicate Manager to purchase tickets for the draw.
  10. The Syndicate Manager will make the current numbers and prize amounts available for inspection within 24 hours of the Saturday or Wednesday draw via e-mail or fax, and in person upon request with reasonable notice.
  11. Members are advised that non-payment by the first draw of the four-week period will result in expulsion from the syndicate for that four-week period only. Continued non-payment will result in complete expulsion from the syndicate.
  12. When less than £200.00 (Two Hundred Pounds) is won in any one draw the moneys will be held by the Syndicate Manager until such a time as;
    • The members wish to share (by mutual agreement) any, or all of the moneys won to date.
    • A particular date has been reached upon which the members have pre-arranged to share out any, or all of, the moneys won to date. (e.g. Christmas, Easter etc.)
  13. When more than 200.00 (Two Hundred Pounds) is won in any one draw, the Manager will distribute a share of the winnings to each member. Each share will be equivalent to the total amount won divided by the number of members: i.e. if there are 4 members each member will receive a one-quarter share of the winnings.
  14. If the syndicate has a large win (in excess of 10,000.00 (Ten Thousand Pounds)) the Members will vote by show of hands or secret ballot to decide whether or not they want publicity.


Section 8 amended on September 10th 2001. Now reads:
  1. The manager, who is also a member of the syndicate, will collect 5.00 (Five Pounds) on every fifth week from each Syndicate member. Each member's choice of 6 (six) numbers or a lucky dip will be noted and tickets will be purchased for the following five weeks Saturday draws only.