Here is a comprehensive guide how to SetupWine for GPL/Nascar.
Please be sure to follow these steps. Things can go wrong if you ignore them.

Here is a quick run down:

Install the game and set it up for OpenGL
Put your CPU on a constant speed - if it utilizes adaptive speed
Put your GPU on a constant speed - NVIDIA cards usually have the PowerMizer? running
Start the game with the full _windows_ path
On machines, with more than one CPU/Core force it to one CPU

Install The Game
Use the All-In-One-Patch and install it using the regular CD. This works without problems. You can also copy GPL simply over from your windows installation. Use the GPLExeChecker? to see, if everything is fine. The errors about the missing papycpu2.sys can be ignored.

Enabling OpenGL
Most players used D3D with the game; I tried it some time ago and it did not work. Since that lots of work has been done to improve the support of D3D in Wine so it might actually work (better?) than opengl in Wine. Please let me know, if you find something out.
OpenGL is enabled using changing the last rasterizer in app.ini:

lastRasterizerDLL = rastogl.dll ; Last rasterizer DLL selected

You can also use the V2 rasterizier here. I use it, I used WiHerrs? patch and I even had used the original DLL from Papyrus - all work more or less the same for me over several hardware generations.
Be sure to also enable all the profile settings in the core.ini (left as an excersise for the reader - the All-In-One-Patch usually takes care about it).

Putting the CPU to an constant speed
Newer hardware scales the speed of the CPU to something it thinks the user might currently need. GPL calibrates itself once on startup and then uses this performance data to time the physics and the framerate and so on. So we have to provide a stable frequency to allow a proper calibration.
Please check the separate section for it: HowToFixCPUSpeed

Correct start of the game

Wine does not provide a proper setup for the game to find itself. So we have to use an absolute path to start it:

wine c:\\siera\\gpl\\gpl.exe

if you have installed it in the suggested path. Or just adjust the path where it is installed.

Bind the game to one CPU (only for multicore systems)

If you are lucky enough to have more than one core in your box, then you have to restrict GPL to one CPU. Otherwise you will get race conditions within the game, Wine, whereever. Linux comes with the tool taksset to allow binding a process to a certain set of CPUs?. So starting GPL then looks like this:

taskset -c 0 wine c:\\siera\\gpl\\gpl.exe

This start the process using only the first CPU (core).

Disable throttling of the GPU
**Note** This section is for NVIDIA users
Another PITA might be the PowerMizer? in todays NVIDIA driver. Currently there are some settings flying around the internet to prevent the PowerMizer? from kicking in - I found none of it a good solution (I run the game on a T61p and I actually want the PowerMizer? unless I play GPL). So what I do currently is opening nvidia-settings and check for the speed on the PowerMizer?-Tab there. Once the speed is up I disable the Check-Timer in the config. NVIDIA has this on the Todo list; newer versions of the drivers will bring better support for the user changing the speeds of the GPU/Mem.

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