Rather than install Grand Prix Legends from the CD and then patch it later, the best way to install the game and have it patched up to date is to follow this quick tutorial.
  1. Insert your GPL CD and close any windows that pop up.
  2. Run the GPLinstallmax_0.97_UK.exe and install to the default location of C:\Sierra\GPL\
  3. Run the GPL v1.2.0.2 (UK)allinonepatch.exe (2.3)
  4. Run the GEMPackage_2.5.0.32 Installer
  5. Run GPL.exe and create two players and set up their controls.
  6. Name the players uniquely, i.e. J Bloggs and J Bloggs65 so they have individual records.
  7. Run the 65_Mod_v2.0.1
  8. Run any other desired updates such as the 65_Lotus_33_v2.0
  9. (9) Run GEM+ and change the carset for the 65 driver.
Now whenever you run GPL you can launch it using GEM+ and pick whether to run the 65 or the original 67 game.

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