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The easiest way to set up your GPL server is to install everything in much the same way you would do with any GPL install. For security reasons I would always use a Windows XP install and make sure that it is patched up to date with all the latest security patches and hot fixes. Currently that means installing Service Pack 3 and any subsequent critical updates.

Once the Operating System is fuly patched you can proceed with th GPL install as follows:
  1. Insert your original GPL disc and close any pop up windows then run GPLinstallmax_0.97_UK.exe and install the game to the default location C:\Sierra\GPL\
  2. Run the GPL v1.2.0.2 (UK)allinonepatch.exe (2.3) which includes the bwpatch.
  3. Run GemPLS_0504 installer.
  4. Run GPL.exe and create a player then setup controls for and drive a lap with it. NOTE: If you also want to host races for other mods, such as the 65 mod, you should install that too and create a new driver for it.
  5. Run the 65_Mod_v2.0.1.
  6. Run the 65_Lotus_33_HR_v2.0 if desired.
  7. Run GEM+ and change the carset for the 65 driver.
Now that GPL is setup and working it is time to think about making it accesssible as a server, and here you have a decision to make with regard to simplicity versus security.

DMZ (De-Militarised Zone)
In order for your GPL server to function properly there are a lot of ports that you need to forward to it from your router, so many in fact that you may consider putting it into a DMZ (De-Militarised Zone).

To do that you will generally tell your router that a DMZ exists at a certain IP Address, which means that any unsolicited data that hits your WAN port (and has no specific port forward configured) will be forwarded to a specified address, the DMZ.

Where GPL is concerned this makes it much eaier to configure and make it externally available, but it does come with a huge security compromise. It means that your server is sat live on the Internet on every single port. If you are comfortable with that risk go ahead and set up your server in a DMZ. Personally I am not willing to take that risk. That does mean that I have got a lot of port forwarding to do but I feel more secure for it.

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