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The last part of the cab to be finished and fitted was the bezel which is the artwork that surrounds the monitor when it is in place. The bezel sits behind the front glass and has a hole cut out where the monitor screen is so that it more or less acts as a frame for the game play area. This also serves to hide the inner workings of the cab which would otherwise be visible through the front glass.

The bezel can take a couple of forms, it can be a fairly sturdy material that supports itself or more often it is a thinner printed film which needs to be supported perhaps between two sheets of glass, or in my case I will sandwich it between the front glass and a sheet of perspex with the same hole cut out of it.

After thinking about a few different designs I opted for this one which is something very basic and classic and is somewhat in keeping with the cab as a whole. I've seen M.A.M.E. cabs that have been plastered with artwork and stickers that are completely out of context and they look ridiculous. I think mine has a much more classic and faithful look about it and I haven't vulgarised my piece of gaming history unlike these people, beware though, this link contains some profanity.

Finally here is the finished product in all its glory.

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