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Phone Links
The phone logo section was born out of a demand for customised logos on mono screened Nokia mobile phones.
I could send these logos to people's phones and they were forever asking me what logos I had, so I put up a few pages that people could look at and then pick from.
The rest of the phone stuff just kind of grew from there.

Haydock Herald
The Haydock Herald was written at a time that the management at Sainsbury's were trying to run rough shod over the Union members in an attempt to change our working conditions. This was my way of undermining that attempt.
It worked.
At least as long as I worked there anyway.

Well, sort of.

Most of the rest of the site is my first experiments in the world of Web Design.
That's why it sucks.

For those of you that don't like the site and think that you can't polish a turd:
You are wrong. You can.

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